#17 New scientific illustrations of the week: You don’t wanna miss it!

Hello! It is friday again (YAY). Are you running into the weekend? Or do you have a lot of lab work to do during the weekend? In both cases this blog post is for you. This week we’ve added several new scientific illustrations on our platform. So, on this post you can check out the news.

We already have over eight thousands scientific illustrations now and all them are available to all mind the graph users (free users included). Moreover, most of our illustrations are based on requests from our subscribers. So, if you are a subscriber, you can request new illustrations at no extra cost. But, if you aren’t a subscriber yet, you can upgrade now:

mind the graph scientific illustrations

So, let’s check the new scientific illustrations

Swiss mouse nervous system


New chemical structures



Boana Pulchella Frog




pH scale


Lab equipments


Human skin 


Brain cells and brain damage


Brain cuts


These illustrations and other thousands ones are available on Mind the Graph. You can use them to create graphical abstracts, infographics, papers, posters, classes and anything you want.

I want to use the scientific illustrations. What should I do?

You can use Mind the Graph for free and access thousands of scientific illustrations. You can use the free plan as long as you want. But if you want more resources, you should upgrade to the premium plan.

The premium plan has unlimited features. Even with all these illustrations available, it is possible that you still don’t find the one you need. Mainly if are working on a new experiment or treatment. But don’t worry. If you are a subscriber, you can request it at no extra cost. But, if you aren’t a subscriber yet, don’t worry too! You can upgrade now to enjoy all the benefits of a premium account.

So, if you want a specific illustration that you didn’t find on Mind the Graph or want the full features of an unlimited plan, it is time to upgrade:


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