Tree of Life: Celebrating the Darwin day!

We celebrate today the Darwin’s day, to honor the birth of Charles Darwin in 02/12/1809. Darwin stands as a major figure in the history of science. He revolutionised our understanding of nature and of the origins of man. He contributed to…Read more

Infographic: The big diversity of green algae

The group of green algae has an incredible diversity in the macroscopic and microscopic world. Let’s show this to everyone?     You can make amazing infographics of your research too! Try it now for free To see more: Infographics: Domesticated fruits…Read more

Photography contest and climate changes

SkyPixel is the most important of aerial photography contest in the world, receiving over 44,000 entries from people in 141 countries, in landscape, portrait and story categories. “Aerial photography inspires us to explore the unknown world and create unique works…Read more