Life science with a fun twist!

How many people do you know outside the scientific world that appreciates scientific blogs or websites? How many of them look for news or trends besides what the media usually broadcasts? As a life science researcher, I was always interested…Read more

The success of health communication

You rather receive relevant information from images than texts. How do I know this? Because of health communication. It might be one of those things you don’t realize until someone point it out, but health communication is all about visual…Read more

Classic scientific papers illustrations

A classic is a classic. However, it is difficult to define what makes something a real classic, though. Some may say it is the expression of truth and beauty, with a certain universal appeal. Something that makes connections with other…Read more

Synthetic biology funding

Public sector funding of synthetic biology projects is rising each year, and the numbers from the “U.S. Trends in Synthetic Biology Research Funding” report show an explosion of resources coming from DARPA since 2010. No doubt this is a strategic area of…Read more

How scientists fool themselves

Bias and cognitive fallacies. These are the most dangerous traps that a scientist should avoid. The journal Nature published a must-read article entitled “How Scientists Fool Themselves – and How They Can Stop“, and it brings a nice infographic that should be printed…Read more

The beauty of data visualization

This TED talk was the beggining of everything for me. David McCandless, this genious of data visualization was my first contact with data visualization and I really recommend it to everyone interest in the topic. Just a necessary warning: YOU…Read more

Scientific Illustrations Paradise

Abandon all productive time, ye who enter here. A little adaptation from Dante´s Inferno as a warning if you want to enter, not in hell, but in a paradise of huge scientific illustrations collections. If you click in one of…Read more

Graphical abstract – Top 16 #not

According to Elsevier, these are 16 examples of good graphical abstract in published articles. We respectfully disagree. While Mind the Graph team reckon the effort of the authors to create these figures, they can be much better. A simple way…Read more

Infographics tools and its power!

Infographics are a powerful way of communicating information since they combine data and visual images, thereby making it easier to digest, remember and share information. The term infographic has quite popular in the last few years, as you may see…Read more
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