How to reach more publications: meet Edanz

How to reach more publications: meet Edanz

What makes a text accepted for publication? Why can’t I get approval where I want it? Where can I improve? Is my research not relevant enough?

No worries!! As scientists, we know that this is a constant question. After all, we often have papers rejected for publication, even with good results! So, what would be the problem? Often what determines our acceptance is simply, the language.

In other words, if the text is written in correct English, or if it is aesthetically beautiful, is relevant when talking about publications in major world magazines.

Nobody produces to the shelf

Right? We involve work, dedication, money, many nights to achieve the best result. We do not produce good research to simply leave in a library or to just flow at our university. We want it to win the world!

We want to proudly introduce you to a partner company that can help you with the task of doing flawless scientific communication with a diligent scientific editing service.

Edanz works to help researchers be even more successful in their careers and achieve publications in high-end journals. Also useful as tips, they have listed some essential points that usually use in their editing and orientation process:

  • Good Writing in English
  • Good Aesthetic
  • Ethic
  • Clarity

According to Edanz professionals, these are 4 essential points, worked on by them, that can make your text work or not. In other words, many times, good researchers cannot succeed, not because of their research itself, but as it is presented.

Good English Writer

Today, all major magazines in the world mainly accept texts in English. That is, if this is not your native language, you need to ensure that your text is grammatically correct and that it is written in an academic / formal way.

A Good Aesthetics

Aesthetics, which are often overlooked, are essential to compose a good publication. That is, use graphics, infographics and illustrations to be able to further improve your text and try to communicate your research in a simpler way.


This is an obvious point for any researcher, but it is always important to remember! After all, we are talking about research that moves and changes lives. Work (and writing) ethics must be essential.


It is not enough to just have good results, within the scientific environment you need to be clear to communicate your research. We are not talking about being simple or writing in an informal way, but about having a cohesive and concise text that can show all your work in an article or paper, for example.

According to the professionals of the Edanz group, following these four points, you can achieve the long-awaited publication! And of course, if you need help composing all of this, we recommend that you seek their service and make your publication happen!

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