New scientific illustrations and infographics of ginecology and embryology

Scientific illustrations are a powerful tool to comunicate in science. As a visual specie, we learn much better when the visual information is attractive and didactic. Thinking of it, we are improving our library of scientific illustrations. We have thousands of them and countig. And, if you are a mind the graph user, you can request new illustrations and we’ll do it.

This week we’ve created a new infographic of menstrual cycle with illustrations of the ovarian follicles and endometrium:


We also created an infographic of pregnancy stages:

preview_61693 (1)

You can find all these illustrations at Mind the Graph. And if you need a different illustration, you can request it. Awesome, right? If you are a doctor, you can use our illustrations to help you patients, but you can also use in your papers or congress presentations. If you aren’t a mind the graph user yet, you can start now for free:




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